OEM Functions and Events

Initiated and maintained as a means of positive reinforcement for our proactive welfare focus, the calendar of functions, events and outings OEM offers our members is a popular and much appreciated area of our activities.

Activities that are socially inclusive and encourage our members to communicate, share common interests and enjoy themselves, in a casual and unstructured environment, have a positive influence in personal lives and relationships. We travel, explore, celebrate, support, share and enjoy each others company.


* From left. Tony, Bill, Brian and Alan about to head off for a day fishing.

Photo: Fishing trip

General Events


OEM Functions

An on-going and varied calendar of functions gives everyone something to look forward to and covers the wide ranging interests of our membership. Typical of the functions are:


Outings are always well attended. We often take a bus, or buses, and cars and head off to an event or for a change of scenery.

"Gypsies" Caravan Club
The formation of the OEM Gypsies is an example of the advantages and opportunities offered through having a large membership within the OEM Sub-branch. Three or four trips are organised each year. Sites chosen always include those places that also have cabins and other alternative accommodation available. "You don't need to have a caravan to be a Gypsy".

Other Outings
These could include going to a show, bus trips to various locations, etc.

Right: "Inclusiveness" - Photo courtesy of Bill Cane JP

Photo: Kookaburra


Eastern Veterans Wives Group

The Eastern Veterans Wives Group attracts a large number of women to the many functions, events and outings organised throughuot the year. One of the most popular and regularly attended is the "WivesTea" which occurs once a month. Husbands/partners etc. also attend but are located at a separate table. See the "Wives Group" page for more information.