About the Outer Eastern Melbourne Sub-Branch (OEM)

At OEM we actively support and promote the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia mission "to assist all veterans, dependants and their descendants in all matters relating to their health, welfare and well being".

We are an unfunded not-for profit organisation, staffed entirely by volunteers.

We conduct our functions and activities in a wide range of locations throughout our Sub-branch region.

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- Health and Welfare

- OEM Executive and Committee

Photo: Nui Dat * Concert at Nui Dat 1971

OEM Coverage and Focus

The OEM Sub-branch was formed in early 1995, and with a membership well in excess of 300, it has grown to be one of the largest Sub-branches within Australia. Our region covers a wide area and includes the Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges and the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. This area includes 10 State and 6 Federal electorates (in whole or part), as well as over 20 RSL's.

OEM prides itself on being "The Family Friendly Sub-branch”. The Sub-branch mantra is “Vietnam Veterans helping and supporting fellow veterans”. A key focus is on social inclusion and the community engagement of our members.

While the Sub-branch is led by an Executive, Committee and a Support Group, a major contributor to the success of the Sub-branch is the assistance role played by our dozens and dozens of member volunteers. This "helping your mates" and "sharing of the workload" approach encourages wide participation and works in everyones interests. More information on our activities is covered in the "activities" section.


Health and Welfare

The health and welfare of Members is really the point of it all. OEM places a strong emphasis on 'grass roots' welfare, both 'proactive and reactive', and focuses on the social inclusion and community engagement of our members. We also maintain a strong advocacy role on Veterans' issues.

A 15 member Support Group (including 4 husband/wife couples) overviews our support/welfare programs. Throughout the year the Support Group also initiates a range of other projects to support our welfare needs.

We liaise closely with the Ringwood RSL Welfare Services Unit, for welfare needs and support the great work being carried out by the guys at the Ringwood RSL Pension Office and the Boronia Advocacy Centre..

* Right: "There's something moving in the water"


Photo: Swimming exercises

Activities and Events

Our activity and event calendar features a combination of regular functions and events as well as a number of new and varied offerings. We are always prepared to look at new ideas that assist us in meeting our welfare goals.

We observe the commemoration days such as Vietnam Veterans Day/Badge Week, ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. To promote the social engagement of our members, we also conduct many varied and well attended 'get together" days during the course of the year.

In addition to the OEM organised occasions, there are also a wide range of activities organised by our various Interest Groups. These include our Eastern Veterans Wives Group activities, our OEM Gypsy Caravaning Group, Mens Coffee Morning, our "Orange Men" cycling group, etc. All these groups are always very welcoming of new members.

Left: A very large turnout for our 20th Anniversary Dinner Dance.


Photo: OEM Group Photo

OEM Executive and Committee 2020

President Allan Small AFSM   Membership Officer Pat Young  
Vice-President Amat (Aff) Binnoore BEM   Committee Ken Gregson  
Deputy Vice-President Bob Farquhar   Committee Daryl Bristowe  
Secretary Heather Lucas   Committee Vic Alsbury  
Treasurer Stephen Shortis BBus