Membership of VVOEM

If you're a Vietnam Veteran and live in, or have an interest in, the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley, or the Dandenong Ranges and surrounding area why not come along to one of our activities and say hello? Our Men's Coffee Mornings and Wives (including married and single men) Teas are an excellent way to get a vibe for what the Sub-branch is about.

There are a number of good reasons to consider joining our Sub-branch. Some join because of the Vietnam connection, some are gregarious, others are loners, many enjoy the mateship of people of the same age group who grew at at the same time and have similar tastes, experiences and values. Wives and partners invariably fit right in.

Some members have welfare/wellbeing issues that they only feel comfortable with sharing with other Vets, and a number of members enjoy that "warm fuzzy" feeling you get when you are able to assit others in some way. Many close, lifelong, friendships have been formed between members of the Sub-branch.

They are a great bunch of people and make you most welcome. Don't wait too long - none of us are getting any younger. Go ahead and contact us now- nothing to lose.

Membership Types
The Sub-branch has 3 types of membership for new members:
  • Full Memberships (Ordinary Members)
    Includes Vietnam Veterans, their spouses/partners and other immediate family members.
  • Second Members
    For members with primary membership in other VVAA Sub-branches, to join our Sub-branch and participate in the activities of VVOEM.
  • Associate Members
    Associate Memberships are available to non- Vietnam Veteran veterans who wish to contribute to the Sub-branch in some way, as well as to veteran family members not wishing to become full members.
New members welcomed at a "new members breakfast"

Membership of the OEM automatically extends to membership of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia and Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (Victoria) for all 'Ordinary' (Vietnam Veteran) members. OEM members receive quarterly editions of our own "TAOR" newsletter publication, a VVAA badge, a name badge and car sticker. OEM Members are also placed on our email list for regular updates on items of interest to our members.

Membership Fees
The Sub-branch has a standard $30 pa membership fee which applies to all membership types. The renewal fee is due each year on the 1st January. New memberships received after 1st October are covered for the following year.

Membership Application Form

The membership form includes options for payment at the bottom. Our preference is for "internet banking" (EFT) as it reduces the workload. When using the EFT option please remember to include your name in the transfer details area.

Click the button below to download and print the Application Form. The completed form, along with your subscription, should be sent to:

Membership Officer
OEMVVAA Sub-branch
PO Box 763
Boronia Vic 3155

Click here to view or/and print the 2024 Vietnam Veterans Outer Eastern Melbourne Membership Application Form