Concessions for Veterans (Victoria)

Find Victorian Government concessions available to veterans and their families or carers, and aged pensioners.

The Victorian Government has provided a comprehensive list of concessions for Veterans here in Victoria.  To access the information click on the following link which provides details of several concessional items, then click on the concession item it is wished to view (ie municipal rates concession) for further information and where to go for further assistance:  

If you know an eligible person who does not have a computer, please pass the following contact number for the Department of  Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) on to them so they can speak to a person about the concessions. The number is 1300 475 170.  

National Seniors Concessions Calculator 
The National Seniors Australia organisation has also provided a concessions calculator which provides an indicative cost of concessions that can be obtained by Veterans/Aged Pensioners.

Click on the link below and follow the prompts:

NOTE:  Please do not call DVA about the concessions listed in the weblinks above – these concessions are managed by the individual business entities and have nothing to do with DVA

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