Documenting Your Affairs - A resource kit to assist you and your loved ones

Our Support Group identified the problems and stress arising through people not having “got their affairs in order” as a significant issue for many of those left following the departure of a dear one. A concern is that many of these problems could be largely avoided if a little planning, and documenting of wishes, had been put in place.

The VVOEM Support Group decided to prepare a document folder incorporating key relevant documents published by the Departments and organisations that are the lead agencies in each topic area. We also decided to include some additional items and prepare a series of purpose designed forms, notes and assists prepared by Vietnam Veteran Outer Eastern Melbourne.

Once completed, the enclosed documents and forms will provide you with a means of communicating your wishes and preferences, to your loved ones, in respect to your passing on, or being subjected to a significantly debilitating mental or physical health problem.

Topics addressed in this folder relate to what we can do today in readiness for our demise. The documents on 'Wills' and 'Powers of Attorney' relate to Victoria (there is some variance from State to State). Other states should have comparable publications/information. The following documents were also included in the folders to be distributed to OEM Members. Click on the titles for a direct link to electronic versions of the documents.

Contents of the folder are covered for disclaimer purposes by the provisions included on the documentation.

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